Amelia Earhart Costume Ideas

Written by tamiya king | 13/05/2017
Amelia Earhart Costume Ideas
A neutral-coloured jumpsuit and aviator goggles are key pieces in an Amelia Earhart costume. (Comstock/Comstock/Getty Images)

Amelia Earhart, the female pioneer in aviation who rose to popularity in the late 1920s, continues to serve as an inspiration to girls and women, so much so that some may want to channel her in a Halloween or school play costume. There are lots of easy ways to put together an Earhart-like ensemble, and you can find many of the costume items in your closet.

Jacket and Outerwear

A long coverall in a dark khaki colour is similar to the outerwear Amelia Earhart wore during her pilot days. You can use a painter's or construction worker's jumpsuit for the costume. A slightly baggy cardigan is a nod to the casual outerwear Earhart donned when she wasn't flying planes, so a button down sweater accompanied by easily recognisable accessories like goggles makes the outfit complete. Of course, a leather bomber jacket in black or brown is a signature piece for an Amelia Earhart costume; a jacket that's slightly worn, or one that has a large collar adds authenticity to the ensemble.

Goggles and Scarves

Aviator goggles and scarves are signature pieces for an Amelia Earhart costume. A long, white, chiffon scarf tied around the neck is a fitting addition to the black or brown leather bomber jacket you've chosen. There are also several pictures of Earhart in shorter, fashionable scarves with patterns, so you can include this in your costume as well if you're going for one of Amelia Earhart's more chic looks with a long-sleeved sweater and high-waisted slacks. Goggles in black or brown are a necessity for the costume as well; large round costume glasses with light brown or clear lenses make a glamorous addition to the getup as well.


Tie your aviator outfit together with long black or dark brown leather boots, to resemble the ones Amelia Earhart wore during her flights. The boots should be flat (unless you're going for a sassier version of Earhart for a costume party). Take a look at some full body photos of Amelia Earhart to get a feel for which boots to purchase -- long boots up to the knee are usually portrayed. Short leather boots in a dark leather hue are also fitting for an Amelia Earhart costume, especially when slightly covered by a dark or medium brown khaki coverall.

Additional Accents

Personalise your little girl's Halloween costume by sewing a few patches on the leather jacket in the shape of an aeroplane, her initials, or her favourite shapes like hearts or stars. Or, create a cardboard likeness of an aeroplane with long rounded wings to resemble the Lockheed Electra Earhart flew. Your child can carry the plane model on the side of her if she's portraying Amelia Earhart in a play. Or, you can hot-glue an old belt to the cardboard and fasten the belt around your child's waist so the plane will stay in place while she's trick-or-treating.

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