Birthday Ideas for 12-Year-Old Girly Girls

Updated July 20, 2017

A 12-year-old girl isn't a child anymore, but she's not yet a teenager, and she's likely to have strong interests and hobbies. A girlie girl probably likes make-up, fashion, crafts and cuddly animals. When it's her birthday, encourage her interests by planning parties, outings, gifts and food that coincide with her feminine style.


A girlie girl is fascinated by beauty: you can't go wrong with glittery nail polish, fashion accessories or lip gloss. Something sentimental like a locket or a birthstone-embellished ring is also appropriate. A girlie girl may even like a useful gift, such as a journal or pyjamas, as long as it's feminine. Since she probably has strong interests and hobbies, show that you value her individuality by getting her something that will help her cultivate her interests. Since a 12-year-old is starting to define herself, she will appreciate a shopping spree or gift token so she can buy exactly what she likes.


A 12-year-old may not be ready to invite boys to her birthday party, so plan a girls-only night. A girlie girl will love a spa sleepover in which girls give each other facials and do each other's hair, make-up and nails. Tell each girl to bring costumes and fun accessories, and have a fashion show. Blast music and snap photos of the models. If she likes crafts, prepare art projects that the girls can make at the party, such as felt flower hairclips or beaded tote bags.


The girlie girl may prefer to go out on the town rather than spend her birthday at home. Get dressed up and have lunch at a formal tea room where food is served on real china. Plan a shopping mall scavenger hunt that will have the birthday girl and her friends running to all their favourite stores. You can't go wrong with taking her to a spa for a manicure and a pedicure. If the girlie girl likes animals, consider going to an animal shelter to spend time with neglected cats and dogs.


Prepare a special cake or dessert to eat after the girl's birthday dinner. Use girlie colours like pink, white, purple and yellow. Plan the cake's theme to fit one of the girl's interests. For example, if she loves the movies, top the cake with glittery stars, sunglasses and film drawn with icing. Another idea is to make cupcakes instead of cake. Let the girls at the party decorate the cupcakes with icing and sprinkles. Let them write messages with icing to the birthday girl.

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