Scrooge Costume Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Whether you are dressing up as Ebenezer Scrooge for Halloween or for a performance of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol," creating the costume on your own is actually not a difficult task. With simple clothing items and the right accessories, you'll be easily identified as the main character from the classic book and play.


If you're portraying Scrooge during the day hours, the piece of attire that is essential for creating the look of this character is a long overcoat. While black would likely be the best option, you could also sport a grey or brown coat, or any other drab colour, as long as it is in keeping with the fashion of the era in which the story takes place.

Though part of the story does occur during the day, a great deal of the story happens at night, after Scrooge has gone to bed. If you're portraying the character while he is in his nightclothes, a long nightgown is the attire that should be worn. In many renditions of the story, the character is wearing a white nightgown, however, you could also choose any subdued colour. Stay away from bright colours and patterns, as these weren't in fashion at the time the story takes place.


There are a few simple accessories that you can add to your costume for the look of Scrooge. For the day Scrooge, a top hat and a cane are a must. Another item that would add to the costume is a long scarf, which you should wrap around your neck and allow the ends to hang down. For the Scrooge who is clad in his nightclothes, a stocking nightcap is an accessory that you should definitely include. You could also carry a lantern in your hand. For either version of the character, a pair of circular, wire-framed glasses should also be worn.


Scrooge is an older man with grey hair. To really transform yourself into the character, consider colouring your hair grey or wearing a grey wig. If you choose to colour your hair grey, use grey hairspray, which can be purchased from a party supply store. You could also sport a grey beard or sideburns, as some renditions of the character do have facial hair.


The last piece of this costume cannot by purchased, but rather has to be acted out. Scrooge is a crotchety old man who was hunched over and walked with a slight limp. Hunch your back and drag one of your legs a bit as you walk. Wear a scowl on your face and utter the words "bah-humbug," which the character is so famously known for.

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