What are signs he will propose?

Updated March 18, 2017

When you have found the man of your dreams and can truly envision spending the rest of your life with him, the idea of getting married can seem so exciting. If you want to take your relationship to the next level in the most serious possible way) look out for signs that your boyfriend is about to pop the question to you.


If you notice suddenly that your boyfriend is interested in saving money, it is possibly due to the fact that he saving up to purchase you an engagement ring, which can get extremely costly. Look out for indications that your boyfriend is cutting corners on daily purchases, as that could mean he's planning to make the big purchase for you.

Growing Up

If you feel like your boyfriend is finally growing out of the "fraternity boy" lifestyle that he picked up during his college days, it could mean that he is maturing and mentally preparing himself for marriage. If raucous road trips with "the guys" are no longer his priority, and he seems much more interested in spending time with you, a proposal is likely on the horizon.


When a man is about to propose to a woman, a lot of pressure can start to mount. After all, it is only natural for someone to want all of the details to be perfect, from the proposal to the big wedding day. If you notice out of the blue that your boyfriend begins acting a little more tense and nervous than usual, it can be because all of the stress from the planning.


Honestly speaking, most men have zero interest in jewellery. However, if your boyfriend suddenly takes a serious interest in jewellery that either you or other women are sporting, it can be a sign that he is taking notes on what you dream about ringwise. If he asks you specific questions about jewellery, then marriage could be heavily on his mind.


If you boyfriend begins every sentence that comes out of his mouth with "we" and "our" instead of "I" or "my," then he is definitely ready to make the transition from bachelor to married man.


When a man is behaving in a more helpful manner than usual, it can be because he's trying to convey to you that he is mature and ready to be your husband. For instance, if you are shopping together at the grocery store and he is all too eager to pick out the best looking tomatoes with you, it can be because he wants you to notice his domestic potential. Other signs to look for include cleaning the house, preparing dinner and doing his laundry.


When a man shows interest in speaking to and being around your parents, it is possibly due to the fact that he is going the traditional route and wants to consult them before he asks you to marry him.

Future Plans

If a man suddenly is really interested in talking about the future and organising future plans together with you, he probably is getting ready to propose to you -- and fast. Whether he's talking about moving to a different city or about children, making plans is a signal that the relationship is getting really serious.

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