Ideas for a pounding gift

Updated November 21, 2016

A pounding is an old-fashioned type of bridal shower in which guests give couples household items, such as food and cleaning supplies, to stock their pantries. This type of party or shower is recommended for people who are getting married at a young age and have not set up their own household yet, or for people who are struggling to pay for everything needed to start a new family. Traditionally, people would bring something extra that they had in their own pantries, but guests can also purchase a new item for the shower.

Make a Meal

Think of the best meal that you can cook and purchase all of the nonperishable ingredients needed to create it. For example, if you like making spaghetti, purchase a package of dried pasta, cans of tomato sauce, dried herbs and a container of Parmesan cheese. Place the items inside a large boiler pan and add your recipe for pasta sauce.

Food Themes

Give the people for whom you are throwing a pounding a certain type of food. For example, choose all canned vegetables or a variety of items needed to make baked foods, such as vanilla flavouring, baking soda, baking powder, flour and sugar. Or, give a container of coffee, tea, sugar cubes, flavoured syrups and filters.

Gift Cards

No matter how many items the couple receives at their pounding, there will be other items that they need. For example, fresh fruits and vegetables and fresh meat are not practical to give at such a party. Choose a gift card to a local grocery store or large department store that sells food so that they can fill in the holes and have a rounded meal.

Cleaning Supplies

Other necessities for a household are cleaning supplies. Purchase a bucket and fill it with all sorts of items, such as bathroom cleaner, toilet brushes, kitchen spray, washing powder, dish washer detergent, carpet cleaner and floor cleaner. Add clothes, sponges and other items needed to clean a home.

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