Animal Pencil Topper Crafts

Written by stephanie kelley
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Create animal pencil toppers to decorate ordinary pencils. School work can be a lot more fun when using fun utensils. Animal pencil topper crafts can also make good projects for birthday parties or just for a rainy afternoon. Use common materials to make adorable creations to keep or give as a gift.

Clay Animal Pencil Topper Crafts

Use self-hardening clay to create animal pencil crafts. Make a ball out of clay and cover the eraser end of a pencil with petroleum jelly. The petroleum will allow you to remove the pencil topper once it is completed. Push the eraser end of the pencil into the ball of clay. This forms the body of your pencil topper. From here, you can build any type of animal using various coloured clay. Make a bunny rabbit by adding long felt ears, invisible thread whiskers, a felt nose and googly eyes to the ball of clay. Add a cotton ball tail to the back of the ball to represent a bunny's fluffy tail. Make a cat by making small triangle shaped ears out of felt and adding whiskers and other details.

Chenille Stems Animal Pencil Topper Crafts

Make animal pencil toppers out of chenille stems, also known as pipe cleaners. Wrap a chenille stem around a pencil with a little tip popping out over the eraser end. Depending on the length of the pipe cleaner and pencil, you may have to trim the stem to remove excess or start the wrapping at the halfway point on the pencil. Add googly eyes, beads and feathers to embellish the chenille stem to create animals. For a lizard or snake pencil topper, use a green pipe cleaner and cut a red felt tongue to embellish it. Another way to make a chenille stem pencil topper is to push the wire from the stem into the eraser of a pencil and wrap the stem around the end of the pencil. Add shorter pieces of stem as arms and legs, if desired.

Pom Pom Animal Pencil Topper Crafts

Create an animal pencil topper out of pom poms. Glue two pom poms to each side of a pencil on the eraser end. This is the base for an animal topper. Use felt or fun foam to create various animals. Make a dog by adding oval shaped ears, googly eyes, a felt nose and a red felt tongue. Create a lion pencil topper by using yellow pom poms. Cut short lengths of orange yarn and glue them to the lion's head to make a mane.

Other Animal Pencil Topper Crafts

Create an animal pencil topper by cutting two identical animal shapes out of fun foam and putting one shape on each side of the eraser end of a pencil. Use markers, beads, feathers, googly eyes, fun foam and fabric scraps to embellish it. Another way to create animal pencil toppers is to take a rectangle of faux fur and sandwich a pencil (eraser end) in-between the folded piece of fur. Add googly eyes and felt to embellish the topper.

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