Ideas for Female Scarecrows

Updated July 19, 2017

Scarecrows help farmers keep crows and other birds away from crops, and are a standard fall decor item. Though scarecrows typically are male, they also can take on a female persona. Create female scarecrows to decorate for a fall celebration, home decor or to stand guard over a field.

Female Celebrity Scarecrows

Popular female celebrities are good sources of inspiration for scarecrow ideas. Create a female scarecrow resembling a favourite star of movie, television or music. Modern stars make good scarecrows, but so do legendary female stars. Consider making a Marilyn Monroe scarecrow by adding a blond wig and her famous black birthmark. Female celebrity scarecrows also can be created to look like fictional characters such as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz with her famous red slippers and wicker basket which carried her dog Toto.

Female Princess Scarecrows

Create a scarecrow fit for a queen or a princess. A royal looking scarecrow can be created out of an old evening gown and other accessories. Draw a face on the scarecrow with lipstick and eyelashes. Add earrings and other costume jewellery, and don't forget to include a tiara or crown. You can accessorise by adding a sceptre (purchased at a dollar or party supply store) to the scarecrow's hand, or include a cape.

Traditional Female Scarecrows

Traditional scarecrows often are made with old clothes like flannel shirts and old bib overall jeans. Create a traditional female scarecrow by using an old denim dress or cotton dress with an earth tone coloured fabric. Use a burlap sack for the head and paint facial features on the sack. Use straw or raffia to create hair for the female scarecrow and add a bow or sun bonnet to her head. Embellish the scarecrow by pinning a sunflower corsage onto her dress.

Other Female Scarecrows Ideas

Decide on a favourite female cartoon character and create a scarecrow in her likeness. Scarecrows also can be in the likeness of fairy tale characters such as Little Bo Peep or Little Miss Muffet. Create a Little Bo Peep scarecrow with a curved staff and be sure to add some sheep at her side. Create a bride scarecrow as a fall wedding decor. Add a veil to her head and a bouquet in her hands.

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