The Differences Between Aldila NVS and DVS Shafts

Aldila is one of the leading manufacturers of graphite shafts. Their shafts are some of the most used on professional tours and extremely popular with better golfers.

Two of their most popular offerings are the NVS and the DVS models. They are recognisable by their distinct colours; the NVS comes in orange or pink, and the DVS is red. Both shafts are available for woods and hybrids.

NVS and DVS Overview

The NVS shaft has the same feel and performance of the original NV, but with a higher launch angle. The higher launch angle is achieved by using a more responsive tip.

The DVS features a responsive tip for a little extra kick at impact. Distance is maximised because of the low torque delivered by the shaft.

Flex Comparison

The NVS offers much more variety in flexes, having L and A flex available in the 45 and 55. R, S and X flexes are available in the 55, 65 and 75. The DVS offers only R, S and X flexes.

Shaft Weight Comparison

The NVS offers more gram weight options than the DVS. The NVS is available in 45, 55, 65 and 75, while the DVS is available only in 60.

Flex Point Comparison

Both the NVS and DVS are mid-flex-point shafts.

Torque Comparison

The NVS 45, 55 and 65 have higher torque than the DVS. The NVS 75 is similar to the DVS in torque, with 3.2 compared to the DVS offering of 3.3.

Performance and Price Comparison

In overall performance, the NVS offers a higher launch angle and a higher spin rate on the ball. The difference in launch angle with the DVS is minimal, but the spin rate is lower.

Aldila sells the NVS shaft for £35.7 as of 2011, and the DVS for £71.40.

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