Tips to Hide a Bulging Tummy

Updated April 17, 2017

If you are trying to lose weight, but haven't lost those final pounds from your tummy, you can arrange your clothing to make it seem like you have. Although you may think that hiding your belly is best done by wearing oversized tops and layers of clothes, this will only make you look heavier. Knowing which clothing styles to wear helps you camouflage your belly while you work to really get rid of it.


To hide a large belly, avoid tucking in your tops because this only accentuates your waistline. Instead, if you are female, look for loose tops, such as tunic tops, that softly drape over your middle. Empire-waist tops flatter because the tightest part is right under the bust line, allowing the fabric to flow down over your belly without accentuating it. Another way to camouflage belly bulge is to wear a wrap-style top. The diagonal, crossover panel tucks in your waist while hiding problem spots. Men trying to hide large bellies can wear dark colours on top and lighter colours on the bottom. Additionally, tops with vertical stripes are slimming.


Avoid trousers that have low waists because these only draw attention to your waist. Mid-waist trousers and high-waist trousers are your most flattering options. Look into trousers with built in tummy-control panels. These trousers look like normal trousers, but secretly hold in your belly bulge. You can find them online and in larger department stores. For women, a-line skirts give the appearance of a slim waist as do skirts that are cut high at the waist. Both styles accentuate the smallest part of your waist. Moderately loose trousers work best on men trying to hide a belly, as tight-fitting trousers only accentuate a heavier top half.


You can hide a bulging stomach by drawing a viewer's attention elsewhere. Wear a scarf or noticeable and eye-catching jewellery. For women, tops with interesting, frilly collars demand attention, as do large bags. In particular, the bag's size will make your waist appear smaller. A belt looped around the smallest part of your waist also draws attention and conveys the appearance of slimness. Focus on highlighting your assets instead of areas that you feel need work.


If you want to instantly give the appearance of weight loss and eliminate your belly regardless of which style you wear, shapewear may be the answer. These body-shaping undergarments control belly rolls and bulges and smooth them out. You can find them online and in lingerie departments of large department stores. The garments range from control panties to full-body suits for women and belly compression tank tops and undershirts for men. They come in control levels ranging from subtle to extreme.


Good posture can make your body appear slimmer regardless of your gender. Stand up straight with your weight evenly divided over both feet. Pull your shoulders back and down, allowing your chest to push forward. Slightly hold in your tummy and your buttocks, and allow your back to follow the natural curvature of your spine. Avoid slouching and slumping since this makes your belly more noticeable and doesn't flatter your figure. Stand up straight and be confident.

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