Gifts for Scottish Men

Updated April 17, 2017

If you are struggling to think of a gift idea for the Scottish man in your life, you can select from a wide variety of options. Scottish men are largely patriotic and often rugged with a good sense of humour. This means there are certain gifts for a Scottish man that will impress much more than others.

Patriotic Gifts

It would be relatively hard to find a Scottish man who doesn't religiously support a Scottish sporting team. There are, of course, the national rugby and football (soccer) teams, which have a range of clothing and accessories such as scarves, mugs, key chains and hats for supporters. Or there are many regional and club rugby and football teams that often offer similar gear for loyal supporters. Other patriotic gifts such as flags, T-shirts, neck ties, bumper stickers and iPod cases can quite easily be found in online stores.


When you think of Scottish apparel, it is likely that kilts spring to mind. Most Scots of an older generation do own and wear kilts. Kilts are an expensive item to purchase, but a kilt would make a fabulous gift for the right Scottish man. If you are a little unsure about going as far as a kilt, other options have a similar appeal. Tartan material goes hand in hand with Scottish apparel. Tartan scarves, shoes, trousers, hats, socks and ties are easy to find and would suit any true Scot.

Funny Gifts

Many Scottish men have a great sense of humour, although it is not always understood by the rest of the world. If the Scottish man in your life is one that enjoys a good laugh, then no doubt he'll appreciate a funny gift. The Cartoon Stock website creates funny cartoon and sketches, including some about Scottish culture and characteristics. These cartoons can be ordered as a print or they can be printed on something such as a T-shirt, mouse pad or even an apron.


If you think your Scottish man would appreciate a gift with a little more sentiment, you have no shortage of options. If you know the name of his ancestral clan, you can search for a range of gifts displaying the clan's crest. Clan-crested swords, belt buckles or badges, kilt pins, cuff links or rubber stamps are all unique and sentimental gifts that he will be able to enjoy for a lifetime.

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