Homemade Lampshade Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Lampshades help diffuse light and soften the glare from light bulbs. Lampshades come in different shapes and sizes to fit floor, table and wall-mounted lamps. Before you make a lampshade, measure the top diameter, bottom diameter and side length of your lamp to ensure a proper fit.

Wallpaper Lampshade

Give an old lampshade a makeover by covering it in stylish wallpaper. Place an old lampshade on a long piece of paper and measure the length of one revolution. Add ½ inch to all the sides and cut. Use this paper as a pattern to measure against a strip of wallpaper and cut. Use a hot glue gun to apply the wallpaper around the lampshade. Trim the overhang, so the paper lays flat over the shade.

Ribbon Lampshade

Use ribbons to dress up an old lampshade. Cut 1-inch wide lengths of ribbon. They should also extend about a ½ inch beyond the bottom edge of the lampshade. Use a glue gun to apply ribbons in a vertical pattern around the shade. Glue the hanging pieces to the underside of the lampshade. Glue additional pieces of ribbon along the top and bottom perimeters of the lampshade for a cleaner look.

Paper Mosaic Lampshade

One way to showcase your artwork is to feature it on a lampshade. Trace your own design on mulberry paper, available in craft stores. It may be easier to draw individual elements, as you'll be creating a mosaic effect. Cut the shapes from the paper and paste them onto the lampshade using a craft glue. Gently press the paper to remove air pockets. Fill in the rest of the lampshade with mulberry paper triangle shapes. Coat the entire outer lampshade with an additional layer of craft glue. Let dry.

Pinhole Lampshade

Create a pinhole-illuminated lampshade using a simple pushpin. Wrap an old lampshade with a piece of large coloured paper, so there is a ½ inch of overlap. Trim the overhang with decorative craft scissors. Remove the paper from the shade and lay it on a flat surface. Use stamps or draw your own designs onto the paper, using a white ink pad. Place a piece of thick cardboard underneath the paper. Use a pushpin to make holes to outline your designs. Rewrap the paper around the lampshade and secure with glue.

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