Quick & Easy Homemade DIY Guitar Amplifier Cover

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Don't let years of guitar practice be upstaged by dust and corrosion inside your amp. Dirt and dust build-up on components can damage the sound of your amp. An inexpensive amp cover can save you money on repairs and prevent lost practice time.

Even if you've never sewn a stitch, you can quickly and easily make a cover that will protect your investment and your stage reputation. The project takes about 30 minutes to do, and additional glue drying times average about an hour.

Measure your amp's width, depth and height. If your amp has casters, include only the cabinet dimension in your height measurement. Write down each measurement. Add 2 inches to both the width and depth measurements and write the new totals. Use the new totals for the remainder of the project.

Spread out a 72- by 60-inch or 72-by-54 fleece fabric in a single layer. Using the width number, measure from the left fabric edge, marking it with your pen. Mark that width measurement in a dash line down the entire length of the fabric. Check that the dash line down the fabric is straight. Cut along the dash line.

Drape the cut fabric over the amp. If any fabric hangs off the amp along the floor, cut it off right along the bottom edge of the amp.

Measure the new depth total on the remaining fabric's top left edge and mark it with your pen. From the mark, measure down the fabric using the height dimension and mark it. From this mark, use the depth dimension again and make a dash line to the left edge of the fabric. Make sure the shape marked now is a rectangle. Cut out the rectangle, place it on the remaining fabric and trace around it. Cut out a second rectangle using the traced lines.

Place a rectangle on the left side of the amp. Starting at the lower left edge and progressing up, glue the rectangle to the larger draped fabric. Keep the glue within 1/2 inch of the edges of both pieces of fabric. Work the fabric pieces together, joining them with the glue around the left, top and right edges of the rectangle. Repeat with the remaining rectangle on the right side of the amp. Let the glue dry completely. Dry glue feels solid with no damp spots.

Use your pen to trace a dash line completely around the handle under the fabric on the top of the amp. Take the cover off the amp and carefully cut out the dash line for the handle space.

Flip the cover inside out and place the finished product on the amp.