Games and Activities for Verbal Communication

Updated June 19, 2017

Several games and activities display verbal communication learning principles. Basic games and activities may demonstrate word spelling and usage, while more advanced activities help coordinate word formation with definition. Verbal communication skills require a well developed vocabulary and understanding of sentence structure. These skills become important in every aspect of adult life. Scrabble is perhaps the most popular and successful game related to verbal communication.

Word Searches

Word searches form the foundations of vocabulary. A player must discover a specific word hidden among confusing random letters. Word searches provide a learning ground for spelling and help automate spelling with time trials and twists. As a learning tool, word searches are optimal for beginning learners. However, many types of word searches exist, ranging in word length and difficulty of word placement within the puzzles.

Crossword Puzzles

Crossword puzzles can help learners develop an understanding of sentence structure and vocabulary. Crosswords come set up with interlaced unknown words in rows and columns. Hints are provided to help the player determine the correct word to fill in the remaining squares of the puzzle. The player's success will depend upon his vocabulary and breadth of knowledge. Crossword puzzles require a sound comprehension of words' definitions. Sentence structure also plays a key role in crossword puzzles. Learners can gain an understanding of word usage and rhetoric from playing crossword puzzles.

Hang Man

"Hang Man" represents a competitive battle of crossword puzzle skills. One player selects the vocabulary word and draws a man about to be hung one part at a time. Another player guesses at letters that fit in the mystery word. More advanced games may have a mystery phrase rather than a single word, with spaces to show the length of each word. This game has renowned versatility for verbal communication. Both children and adults can play "Hang Man."


The most popular and challenging game in the realm of verbal communication is Scrabble. This official board game summarises all aspects of verbal communication. Players must make real words with randomly selected letters on a board designed for competitiveness and scoring. Often, a dictionary and definition becomes part of this game, which teaches vocabulary skills. Scrabble also helps with sentence structure and rhetoric, as players become intricately involved with the dictionary.

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