How to Type an Angle Symbol in Microsoft Word

BananaStock/BananaStock/Getty Images

Microsoft Word enables you to create all types of documents using its vast selection of tools and items. This includes not just text but also symbols, graphics, tables, pictures, charts and shapes. Perhaps you are creating a training manual that includes mathematical terminology.

You can use this word processing software to create your document and to include symbols -- even basic and complex mathematical objects such as equations and angle symbols.

Launch Microsoft Word. Click the "Office" button and then the "Open" icon. Choose your file from the browsing window and click the "Open" button.

Scroll to the place in your document where you need to insert and angle symbol. Make sure your cursor is resting where the symbol should be added.

Click the "Insert" tab and then the "Equation" button. If the angle symbol is not visible in the Symbols section, click the arrow with a dash over it to expand the symbol menu. Click the top bar of the panel that opens and choose "Geometry" from the drop-down menu.

Select the angle symbol to insert it into your document.