Coffee table centerpiece ideas

Updated March 23, 2017

The perfect coffee table is the same height as the seat of the sofa and slightly smaller than the width of the sofa. It's as important to a room's design as any other design element. You can opt for the minimalist look with a simple centrepiece or use the coffee table to truly dress up the space.


A centrepiece consisting of books is more than simply piling tomes atop one another on the table. Choose your books judiciously and you will end up with a quaint arrangement. Books should consist of a theme, such as a particular decorating style, kind of artwork, period in history, or classic novels. Mix up the arrangement for visual interest. Stand four or five books on end and use two or three stacked books on either side as bookends. Make an artistic statement by using items that further explore your theme. For instance, if the books you've chosen all deal with wildlife, place a carved bird on one of the book stacks and jar of colourful, decorative bird eggs on the table next to it. If the books each deal with a particular style of decor, paint a single bowling pin bright red and place it on the table as a celebration of art deco, or a chipped white bowl to represent shabby chic.

Flowers and Plants

You can go the traditional route and add a floral arrangement to the centre of the table, or mix it up a little. Add a simple tray of growing grass, an odd number of antique coffee cups filled with small succulent plants, or a crystal water-filled bowl with colourful flowers floating on top. While traditional arrangements always work, a household item that has been creatively repurposed adds fun to a room.


Add candles in odd numbers to the centre of the table, making sure they're of varying heights for the greatest impact. Float lit tea candles in a delicate bowl that you've surrounded with greenery, or place votive candles in an unexpected "holders" such as milk and cream servers or the overturned top of a butter dish.


Layering creates instant visual interest as a centrepiece. For example, cut a colourful piece of wallpaper to size with pinking shears and place it on the table. Place a small, ornate mirror in the centre of the wallpaper and a candle in the middle of the mirror.

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