The best pellet guns for rabbits

Updated June 27, 2018

High-powered pellet guns are effective for rabbit hunting. The guns are ideal because they do not spray multiple lead pellets into the meat and a single entry wound is normal. The guns use air to generate power and fire the pellet. Pellet hunting guns may be fitted with scopes, but many hunters prefer shooting with only the stock sights.

Sumatra 2500

The Sumatra 2500 is a top choice for rabbit hunting. The .25-calibre gun shoots pellets at more than 1,000 feet per second (fps). The pressure is more than adequate for killing cottontails and large jackrabbits. The gun is designed to be fitted with a scope for accurate shooting. It also has a wood stock and design that looks like a standard rifle. The Sumatra 2500 is manufactured in Korea and it comes with limited instructions. Although the operation is simple, raw beginners may require some direction when operating the weapon.

Gamo Hunter Extreme

The Gamo Hunter Extreme is available in both .22- and .25-calibre versions. The rifle has a traditional wood stock finish and both guns shoot over 1,300 fps. The gun comes with a mounted scope and it has an 18-inch barrel. The Gamo Hunter Extreme is among the top choices because of the knockout speed for rabbit hunting. The guns also come with product support and a full instruction manual.

RWS Air Guns

The RWS 34 and 54 are two top choices for rabbit hunting pellet guns. The guns are top choice because they are much lighter than most models, less than 4.08 Kilogram. They are .177-calibre with the ability to shoot over 1,000 fps. The guns are manufactured in Germany and completed with a wood stock and 17-inch barrel. The guns do not come with a scope, but they do have a scope mounting rail. The option is ideal for buyers who already have a scope or want to choose the scope separately from the gun.

Beeman R9

The Beeman R9 is a .177-calibre rifle that generates a muzzle velocity over 1,000 fps. The rifle is adequate for rabbit hunting and it comes with a mounted scope, wood stock and an adjustable trigger. The adjustable trigger allows the shooter to find the perfect pressure point for consistent and accurate shooting. The Beeman R9 is manufactured in Germany and widely distributed throughout the United States and Europe.

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