Wedding Gift Ideas for Your Daughter

Updated March 29, 2017

It is customary to give your daughter a token of your affection on the morning of her wedding day. The gift should not be something you select from the wedding registry but a personal keepsake. What matters is not the cost, but the thoughts and sentiments behind it.

Family Heirlooms

There is no bigger day to pass down a family heirloom than your daughter's wedding day. Brides are often sentimental on the day of the wedding, so take the opportunity to recognise her family past and wish her the best for the future. Each family heirloom is personal. From a grandmother's ring to a special vase, what you give to her will depend upon your collection of personal heirlooms. If you do not have an appropriate heirloom to pass down, an item of yours that means a lot to you will also be an appropriate gift.


Keep your gift simple and say it with words. A heartfelt letter to your daughter on her wedding day is a thoughtful gift that she can treasure for many years to come. If you do not feel comfortable writing the letter yourself, find an appropriate poem that you can give her instead. Have a look in poetry books or online for a poem that expresses the right sentiments. Purchase a small keepsake card that features a poem or blessing that she can carry around in her purse.

Engraved Silver

Engraved jewellery will become a sentimental item to her no matter what the cost. Purchase a silver locket and enclose a special family photograph. Have the locket engraved with her wedding date or thoughtful message for a personal touch. If she is not a fan of jewellery, purchase a silver compact mirror to have engraved with a personal message instead.


Although she may be paying for the honeymoon herself there are lots of ways you can enhance it for her. Upgrade her flight tickets or make reservations for the VIP lounge at the airport to ensure that she and her new husband travel in style. As an alternative, book a special activity or excursion at their destination, such as swimming with dolphins or a hot-air balloon ride.

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