Angel & Halo Crafts

Written by michelle watson
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Angel & Halo Crafts
Make any of these angel crafts for Christmas. (Martin Poole/Digital Vision/Getty Images)

Angels are often depicted wearing white robes with feathery wings and golden halos hovering over their heads. Make a craft that reflects this timeless image. There are easy angel crafts that children will enjoy, and there are more complex crafts for adults.

Angel Lollipop

Place the head of a round sucker in the centre of a square piece of white cloth. Wrap the cloth tightly around the head of the sucker, and tie a gold ribbon into a bow just below the candy. The cloth wrapped around the top of the sucker is the angel's head, and the rest is the angel's robe. Tie a large bow with a thick gold ribbon and hot glue it to the back of the angel's neck to make wings. Glue doll hair from the craft store to the angel's head. For the halo, cut a small length of gold chenille wire and twist the ends to form a loop, and hot glue it to the crown of the head.

Coffee Filter Angel

Stick one end of a toothpick through the centre of a coffee filter and then halfway into a small styrofoam ball. The ball is the angel's head and the coffee filter is the robe. Place the centre of a second coffee filter over the styrofoam ball, and wrap it tightly around the ball. Tie a bow with a thin gold ribbon just below the ball. For the wings, pleat a third coffee filter like a fan. Cinch the middle and tie it with another piece of gold ribbon. Hot glue the wings just below the back of the angel's neck. Hot glue a small loop of gold ribbon to the angel's head for a halo.

Dishtowel Angel

One dishtowel, one washcloth and one potholder make this practical angel. Pleat the dishtowel like a fan, and then fold it in half. Tie a thin ribbon around the dishtowel about two inches below the fold. The folded portion above the ribbon is the angel's head and the material below is the angel's robe. Pleat the washcloth and set it aside. Next, pleat the potholder. Place the pleated washcloth on top of the pleated potholder so they are going in the same direction, and tie them together in the centre with thin ribbon. Wrap the two ends of the washcloth around the angel's neck and tie them together with ribbon. The washcloth looks like the angel's arms and the potholder is the wings.

Angel Paperclip Necklace

Start with a butterfly paper clip, which you can buy at any office supply store. Position the paper clip so the flat edge is down and the two diagonal ends point upward. The diagonal ends will be the angel's wings. Cut a long length of ribbon, and insert one end through the diamond shape in the centre of the paper clip. Holding the two ends of the ribbon together, string a medium-sized bead onto both strands, and push it down so it sits on top of the paper clip. The bead is the angel's head. For a halo, use a disk bead, which looks like a small ring. String the disk bead onto both ends of the ribbon and situate it on top of the first bead. Tie a knot securely above the halo and another knot at the ends of the ribbon to complete the necklace.

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