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Updated April 17, 2017

Women who have excellent posture usually appear confident and poised. Poor posture can detract from even the most beautiful women and make them appear less than regal. Not only that, poor posture can also cause a variety of back problems and aching muscles by the end of the day. Bras that help improve posture are an investment well worth the money for a woman's appearance and spinal health.

Everyday Posture Bras

You've probably heard about the Playtex 18 hour bra collection because of frequent television campaigns in the 1990s advertising this brand. It is familiar to most women and therefore would be a trusted brand for a posture bra. This bra is fashioned from breathable cotton and sheer fabrics, and users have noticed that it is comfortable for extended periods of time due to wide cushioned straps. The Palytex 18 hour bra is also one of the most affordable posture bras. One excellent choice is the Playtex 18 Hour Posture Bra 4643. As of April, 2011 expect to pay roughly £19 for this bra unless you find it on sale.

Midgrade Posture Bras

The Exquisite Form (565) posture bra, sporting a fully reinforced criss-cross back helps to make this traditional bra a favourite for women seeking to improve their posture without looking like they are wearing a posture bra. The Exquisite Form Fully Front Hook Posture Bra offers figure flattering comfort and long wearability. One complaint that women have in bras is that the straps cut into their shoulders and cause pain. You won't find that problem with the Exquisite Form 565 bra because it has ultra wide shoulder straps which have been cushioned for extra comfort. Full figured women require much more support, and this bra has been touted as an extremely comfortable posture bra and comparable to the Playtex 18 Hour Bra.

Waist Length Posture Bras

Exquisite form Women's Original Long Line Bra (7565) not only offers posture support across the upper mid-back, but support extends all the way down to the waist. This bra is an excellent investment for daily back support as well as extra support beneath gowns or clothing that requires a little tuck and nip from shoulder to waist. This traditional design is affordable and desired for its long wearing comfort and affordability for a waist length posture bra.

Custom Fitted Posture Bras

Custom fitted bras are an option for women who find it difficult to locate a posture bra that fits their unique specifications. This route will undoubtedly be less cost effective than pre-made bras. But if poor posture is a serious issue, then this is the best investment you can make for your posture and overall health. Posture bras not only support your breasts and posture, but they help align the spine and prevent muscle fatigue. Custom made bras are not for the faint at heart as their prices range from £44 to £109.

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