How to make a jiggling fat suit

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Anyone can stuff a pillow into their shirt to make them look more rotund, but to get a genuine wobble several other steps are needed. For that perfect fancy dress costume, an enticing combination of unitards and water balloons are required. It takes a little while to make a convincingly jiggly fat suit, but the results are well worth the effort.

Put on the smaller unitard. Use a fabric marker pencil to outline any areas of natural curves or fat. These will vary from person to person. If you don't have any natural fat, use a picture to help you to draw the lines.

Transfer the markings to the larger unitard. Firstly take off the smaller unitard, and then lay the two side-by-side. Carefully copy the lines so that the larger unitard is a replica of the smaller. Eventually, you will sew these lines together, so it is worthwhile making sure that they are a good match.

Sew the hooks to the smaller unitard. Attach 20 centimetres of hooks to the back of the lines that you have drawn, and also around the wrists and ankles. Eventually, the two unitards will be hooked together at the back, so make sure that you have plenty of points of contact.

Attach the loops to the larger unitard. In order to get a characteristic beer belly appearance, gather the back of the larger unitard together slightly and sew it in place so that the front has plenty of baggage room. Then attach the corresponding loops to the larger unitard. The two need to be able to hook together. A sewing machine will help to provide strong seams.

Place the smaller unitard into the larger unitard. It is a good idea to try the pair on at this point to make sure that the hooks and eyes match up accurately. After this, lay the pair of unitards down and smooth out any wrinkles. The aim of having these fastener strips at the back is to provide an opening between the two suits so that you can insert the cotton and water balloons later on.

Sew the two suits together. You will need to sew along the original lines that you drew in order to provide the ripples of fat. A single line of stitches is adequate, although two will provide a more resilient suit. Leave spaces for the unitards to be stuffed.

Stuff the suit with cotton or foam. The actual jiggle comes from water balloons, but these are heavy, so adding foam will help to lighten the load. Once this is done, put the suit on.

Add the water balloons. You are aiming for a good wobble, so the balloons should be partially filled so that they are nice and loose. Open the fastener strips at the back of the suit to insert the balloons. The more balloons you use the merrier your suit will look.

Add some extra cotton or foam. Even through the protection of a unitard, a balloon can easily pop. Prevent embarrassing accidents by covering your water balloons in a protective layer. This will not diminish the jiggle, and will make for a comfortable outfit.

Have a bit of practice walking around. Suddenly ballooning in weight can be somewhat spatially confusing, which can lead to all sorts of accidents around the house. Try walking in a safe area before you unleash yourself on the general public.

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