Goody Bag Ideas for a Masquerade

Updated July 20, 2017

Treat the guests at your masquerade party to a special favour that will ensure they remember the evening. Theme your goody bags with colours that evoke the feeling of a masquerade ball -- deep purple, forest green, gold and black. Choose from a variety of interesting items that convey the idea of a masked ball.

Kid Favors

If you don't make masks as a craft during the party, consider giving each child an inexpensive make-your-own mask craft kit. Or simply include a plastic mask in the goody bag. You also can't go wrong with anything that glows in the dark. Glow sticks, balls, bracelets and tattoos are all good choices. Throw in a few fun toys like noisemakers and bubbles. Of course, no goody bag would be complete without a few plastic beaded necklaces and colourful feathers. For girls, give bottles of purple, gold and green nail polish or a sheet of stick-on jewels.

Adult Favors

For adult parties, the favours need not be elaborate. Fill a large basket with plastic beads, glow sticks, plastic masks and feathers with a sign inviting guests to take them upon arrival. If you have the budget, a satin sleep mask is a fun gift --- who wouldn't need to sleep after a night of partying? You can give an elegant candle, or objects decorated with a fleur-de-lis pattern. Adults may also appreciate a deck of themed playing cards.

Food Favors

For a masquerade, chocolate coins in gold wrappers convey the richness of the theme. For younger children, include a bag of multicoloured goldfish crackers and a fruit roll-up. For adults, throw in a few fortune cookies and a packet of drink mix. If you're an expert baker, consider making and decorating mask-shaped sugar cookies.

Favour Containers

For kids, colourful cellophane bags tied with purple, green and gold ribbon are a quick and inexpensive solution. You can also buy a few yards of rich-looking cloth from the craft store and cut it into squares. Wrap the goodies in the cloth and tie with a thick ribbon. If you want a more dramatic presentation, buy colourful plastic champagne glasses or goblets and fill them with the goodies. You can also get real champagne glasses if you want a special gift for an adult party.

Photo Favors

At a masquerade party, everyone looks fantastic in costume masks, beads and formal attire. Set up a photo booth and stock it with props, such as masks, boas and hats. Let guests take pictures together. Use a portable printer to print the photos on the spot. If you have two people running the photo booth, one to take pictures and the other to print, you should have no problem getting all the photos printed by the end of the party. Put a photo in each person's goody bag.

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