Cooking & Baking Games for Girls

Written by mayankj
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Girls enjoy cooking and baking, but it can end up with a mess in the kitchen, especially if the girls are young. Fortunately, cooking and baking games are available online that give a girl the idea of cooking, baking or decorating baked good as they prefer while eliminating the kitchen messes. The games vary in the type of foods the girls can cook, bake or decorate from cakes to turkeys.

Sara's Cooking Class: T-Day Turkey Game

Sara's Cooking Class T-Day Turkey is an online game on the GirlsGoGames website. The object of the game is to make a Thanksgiving turkey. The girl must follow the directions to cut up ingredients, cook on the stove, prepare the turkey and bake the turkey. Points are received based on how well the girl does. To follow directions, the girl must use the mouse on the computer. She draws a line according to the direction of the arrow by moving the mouse, left-clicking and holding until the end of the arrow. The other part of the directions is a drag-and-drop option when adding foods to the pan. Select an item according to the directions, left-click and hold it while moving the item to the pan. Release the left-click after the item is above the pan to add it to the pan.

Animal Baking

Animal Baking is an cookie-making game on the MyGames4Girls website. The player must cut out the cookies according to the directions. For example, cut out the dog in the cookie dough. To cut, the player moves the mouse into position and left-clicks. If the cookie cutter needs to rotate, press either Z or X and the cutter will turn to the left or right respectively. As the levels increase, the player might need to reroll the dough by pressing the rolling pin button when it pops up. To give the game a little extra challenge, a timer keeps the player on her toes. If time runs out, she loses the level, but it allows her to try again without going back to the beginning.

Pizza Pasta for Justin

Pizza Pasta for Justin is a cooking game on where the girl must follow the given directions to cook pizza pasta. The player follows the directions as given on the screen. It starts with peeling and cutting up garlic. To peel, the girl clicks on the garlic until it is completely cleaned. Cut by moving the mouse onto the green circle and moving it down the other circles. Make the sauce by clicking on the items in order as directed at the top of the screen. The background will dim while you work, so you must click on the light bulb at the bottom to get more time. Add ingredients in order as directed by the instructions at the top.

Salmon Spring Rolls

Salmon Spring Rolls is a game on the EcookingGames website. In the game, girls learn from Granny how to make spring rolls with salmon in them. The player is timed and must follow the hints given on the whiteboard at the top right. Open the refrigerator and cabinets to find the items and put them on the counter. From there, mix together the items as directed. The items are placed on the counter by holding the mouse over them, left-clicking and holding. Drag the item to the shadow location and drop it there. Mix the items by clicking as directed by the hints and then dragging it over to the bowl or pan with a left-click, hold and move the mouse until letting go. To mix with the spoon, click on the spoon continuously. Bonus points are awarded based on the speed of completing the tasks.

Chocolate Orange Cake Game

Chocolate Orange Cake is a baking game on the MyGames4Girls website. In the game, girls follow the prompts to add ingredients as they light up. Click on the lit-up item to put it over the table. Click on it again and drag it to the bowl to add it. When prompted, mix together the ingredients. At the end, the chocolate orange cake is put into the oven and baked.

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