Primary Activity Ideas on Honesty

Updated July 20, 2017

The 13th Article of Faith states that "We believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent..." Honesty is a fundamental attribute of a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and is taught in the home and at church in Primary. At the end of each these activities, be sure to stress that everybody makes mistakes and that we can repent for dishonesty.

Honesty Scenario

One Primary activity to teach honesty is to present the children with real-life scenarios that involve a decision to be honest or dishonest. For example, show a picture of an elderly woman and read, "You pass this lady on the sidewalk. You see £3 fall out of her pocket, but she doesn't realise it. You could pick up the money and keep it, or you could pick up the money and return it to her. What is the honest thing to do?" The answer is obvious, but this opens up chances for discussion about what the Savior would do. Incorporate stories about Jesus Christ and honesty into the activity.

Songs About Honesty

Sharing Time is the hour of Primary when children come together from their separate classes for singing and activities. The Primary Children's Songbook contains many songs concerning honesty, including "I Believe in Being Honest," "A Prayer," "Jesus Said Love Everyone" and "The Thirteenth Article of Faith." Go through two or three of these songs a few times to learn the words. Props and posters help children to memorise the lyrics. During this task, ask the children how the songs refer to honest. Finally, sing through the songs for the last half of Sharing Time and invite the children to sing the songs to their parents at home after church.

Chocolate Activity recommends using chocolate as an object lesson to teach about being honest and truthful to yourself and to Heavenly Father. Bring in three types of chocolate candies: a hollow shell (cut and remove and fillings first), a chocolate bar full of nuts and raisins and a solid chocolate bar. Ask for volunteers to cut through the types of chocolate and to report to the class what they discover. What is the purest kind of chocolate? Be sure to teach the class that the hollow chocolate is works without faith (a form of dishonesty), the nutty chocolate is like holding bad thoughts inside while appearing to be pure chocolate, and that the pure chocolate is how we should be -- the same within and without, just like Jesus Christ. Edible object lessons are always successful.

White Lies Activity

A simple twisty tie is an effective object lesson to teach children about the effects of white lies. Have a child volunteer to come to the front of the class. Give the child a new, straight twisty tie. Ask the child to bend it back and forth while you tell the class about white lies. Define a white lie and elicit examples of white lies from the class. Within a few minutes of bending the twisty tie back and forth, it will weaken and break in half. Teach the children that enough white lies can weaken the soul and lead to major consequences.

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