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Short Stories & Fables That Teach Cooperation to Children

Updated April 17, 2017

It's important that kids learn to cooperate with others; to function normally among their peers and to be able to reason with adults. There are many short stories and fables that teach cooperation to children. It's an interesting way for a child to learn, that will keep her engaged and eager to be taught.

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The Bundle of Sticks

"The Bundle of Sticks" is one of Aesop's fables. It's the story of a sick old man who gathers his sons together to teach them an important lesson. He has a bundle of sticks and asks his boys to try to break the bundle. The sticks cannot be broken. He then asks one son to try to break a single stick. The stick snaps easily. The moral the old man, and the story itself, is trying to impart is that working together will make you stronger.

Coyote Brings Fire

"Coyote Brings Fire" is a Native American short story from the Karok tribe. It is about a group of animals who don't have fire, because the selfish fire beings won't let them have any. They ask Coyote to help them get the fire, and he agrees. Coyote only succeeds in stealing the fire because the rest of the animals cooperate with him, distracting the fire beings while he steals the fire.

Pelle's New Suit

"Pelle's New Suit" is a story book by Elsa Maartman Beskow. Pelle wants a new suit, but in order to get it, he must cooperate. His sheep kindly gives up his fleece for Pelle, his grandmother spins the wool, his grandfather dyes the wool and then his mother weaves it into cloth. Finally, the local tailor sews Pelle's suit for him. It is only by all these people working together that Pelle manages to get his new suit.

The Tale of Pip and Squeak

"The Tale of Pip and Squeak" is a picture book by Kate Duke. The story is about two brother mice who don't get along. Each year they have a bitter rivalry when it comes to preparing a piece for the midwinter celebration. However, one year they turn their bickering into a joint theatrical performance, which gets a great response. In doing this, they also learn to love each other and stop arguing.

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