Pokemon Shiny Gold Version for Game Boy Advance SP Cheats

Updated July 20, 2017

The "Pokemon Gold" version and "Shiny Gold" version for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP brings gamers to a new world with different Pokemon battles, missions, Pokemon gyms and new Pokemon that aren't available on previous instalments of the Pokemon game franchise, such as Pokemon Yellow, Pokemon Red, and Pokemon Blue versions. The Pokemon game also allows gamers to interact with "Ditto," a normal type Pokemon that can be used to your advantage, along with many other cheats.

Game Boy Advance Setup

Insert the Pokémon video game into the slot located at the rear of the Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP and then switch on your Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP.

Skip Pokemon Battles

You can avoid random battles with the help of any of your normal-type Pokemon. Guide your Pokemon trainer character to the edge of any patch of grass in the video game, and then select any of your normal type Pokemon to use the "Cut" attack to remove the grass. With the grass removed, this technique prevents and stops other Pokemon from battling you every time you come across patches of grass. The "Cut" attack is a normal-type move, and many normal type Pokemon, such as Ditto, Rattata and Raticate, are capable of performing it.

Breed your Pokemon with Ditto

Normally to breed your Pokemon, two of the same Pokemon of different sexes are needed. Now there is a faster and easier way to breed your Pokemon. All you need is to catch a Ditto in the Pokemon game and then breed it with any other Pokemon of your choice to achieve a free basic Pokemon. Ditto is a normal-type Pokemon that has the ability to mimic other Pokemon's moves and forms with its "Transform" move.

Battle Glitch

Guide your Pokemon trainer character to a Pokemon Center in the game to save your game. Go to any gym and Pokemon gym leader to battle; once your Pokemon's levels have increased, select to clone your Pokemon. Close your Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP and restart the game. Your Pokemon trainer character will now be in front of the Pokemon Center with your cloned Pokemon and its increased levels. Save the cloned Pokemon with increased stats and then go to any gym and Pokemon gym leader to battle again to increase the levels of all of your other Pokemon.

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