Cake Ideas for Church

Updated November 21, 2016

When you are baking a cake to take to an event at your church, consider choosing a design that reflects the church and the things its members believe. Rather than merely baking a plain sheet or round cake, decorate it in a manner the people at the church will enjoy.


Consider baking a cake that looks like a church. To do this, bake two square cakes. Place one on the centre of your cake platter and cut the other one into a triangular shape. Place the triangle-shaped piece above the square cake to serve as the church's roof. Frost the two cakes in white icing. Use coloured frosting and a pastry bag to pipe stained glass windows onto the church. Add other features, such as the front door. Take one long, thick pretzel stick and cut or break it in half. Take another pretzel stick, leave it whole and cover it in white frosting. Place the stick into the top of the roof of the cake vertically so that it looks like the church steeple. Cover the two pretzel pieces with frosting and place them horizontally on either side of the vertical ones to create a cross.


A simple option is to make a cake that looks like a cross. Take a rectangular 11-inch by 14-inch sheet cake and use a serrated knife to cut a strip from the centre of it. The strip should be about 4 inches or 5 inches wide. Place that strip of cake onto the centre of your cake platter. Cut two strips from the square cake, each about a third of the length of the other strip. Place one of the strips horizontally on either side of the long strip to create the look of the cross. Frost the cross in frosting in the colour of your choice. Use frosting to cover the seams between the cakes.

Bible Verse

Another idea is to decorate a sheet cake with a Bible verse. Bake a rectangular cake and frost it in the icing of your choice. Fill a pastry bag with frosting in a contrasting colour and pipe a Bible verse onto the cake. You could pipe the entire verse, along with its book and chapter, if you have enough space. Otherwise, simply pipe the chapter and book of a verse that many church members will know by heart, such as John 3:16.


Consider making a whimsical cake for your church using plastic figurines. You can often find plastic toys in the shape of figures in religious stories at religious book stores or online. For example, bake two round cakes and stack them with a layer of frosting between them. Then, top the cake with a toy ark, from the Noah's ark story. Add lots of toy animals surrounding the ark.

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