Ways to Add Swag to a School Uniform

Updated April 17, 2017

To kids, wearing a school uniform seems like a pain because it makes everyone look the same. Many students do not realise that it is possible to follow the rules in their school's policy about uniforms and still manage to still find ways to express their own individuality and preferences. With a little variety, colour and design, a school uniform is just as easy to personalise as any other outfit.

Jewellery and Fashion Accessories

An easy way to add swag to your school uniform is to take advantage of various styles and colours of jewellery and fashion accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, scarves, brooches, pins, ID lanyards and even undershirts. Girls generally have more options when to comes to using jewellery and other accessories. However, boys may wear pins on their blazers and backpacks to express preferences, such as a favourite band, or put on brightly coloured undershirts that peek out from underneath their uniforms.


Footwear is a very simple way that both boys and girls use to change up the look of their school uniforms. Wearing unique shoes with bright colours and designs, or even individualised shoelaces, adds pizazz to any uniform. If a particular style of shoe is required to be worn with the uniform, boys and girls may opt to wear cool socks of varying heights, colours, designs and even textures. For more personalised style, students may purchase plain white or black canvas shoes and then use fabric paint to create their own colour designs. The same can be done to white socks.

Hair Accessories and Styles

Your hairstyle is another way to show your individuality and personal expression while wearing a school uniform. Get a unique haircut to set yourself apart from others, or learn how to use hair products to style your hair however you want. Finally, if you are a girl, using hair accessories like headbands or hair clips to your advantage is also adds swag to your uniform. Varying your hair style from day to day, such as braids one day and a ponytail the next, is way to constantly add variety to your overall look.


For older girls, a small way to add a little drama to an otherwise boring uniform look is to wear different styles of make-up or nail polish. Choose to wear a shade of nail polish or eyeshadow that contrasts with the rest of the school uniform and accessories, or match the colour or texture of the polish or eyeshadow to the uniform.

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