Cheats for Stronghold 2 v1.0

Written by steven hill
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"Stronghold 2," a real-time strategy game developed by FireFly Studios and published by 2K Games, was released to poor reviews in April 2005. If you are still playing the unpatched version of the game, there are a number of hidden bonuses, glitches and cheats that you can use to make the game more interesting.

Easter Eggs

There are a number of Easter eggs -- special treats for clever or curious players put into the game by the developers -- in "Stronghold 2." Many of these Easter eggs involve changing the greeting system to say something other than the normal greeting. Start a new game and enter your name as "Megalord" to have the greeting say "Greetings Megalord." Start another game and enter your name as "Yoshi" to have the greeting say "Greetings Lord Yoshi." Type "Lord Seth" as your name in a new game to have the greeting say "Greetings Lord Seth."


Glitches are unintentional game events or consequences that happen when you perform a specific sequence of actions. Get a "Ghost Horse" for your king after you have a both a stable and horses. To do this, get your king to the ground, not a tower or wall. Click the "Get on the horse" button. Click the icon several times as the horse gets close to him. This will cause the horse to walk away, but he will be on it. It will take less damage in battle now.

More Glitches

There are several other glitches in "Stronghold 2" that you can use to your advantage. For instance, you can garrison as many men in a tower as you like. Pause your game, select small groups of men and order them into the tower. Continue selecting small groups and directing them until you have as many as you like. Another glitch allows you to get honour more quickly from feasts. During feasts, select your keep. Click the "Return to keep" button, ending the feast and providing you with all the honour you would have got from the feast anyway.

Other Cheats

There are more cheats that make the game easier and more fun to play. You can get a quick 1,000 gold by having enough wood and gold to build a monastery. Create a monastery and then pause the game. In the lower left corner there is a rubber tool icon. Click this icon repeatedly. Each click will give you 1,000 free gold. When you unpause the game, the monastery will disappear. If you need any other supplies, this trick can work to get you whatever you want. Simply create any building that requires the supply types you need, pause the game, and click the rubber hammer to get free supplies of those types.

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