Ideas for ice cream gift baskets

Updated April 17, 2017

A basket filled with ice cream sundae supplies makes a fun, creative idea for a gift. Most people love ice cream, but rarely have the ingredients and supplies at home for making a sundae. Though it is not practical to include an actual container of ice cream in a gift basket, it is possible to give someone everything else she needs to create a banana split, hot fudge sundae or any other sweet concoction imaginable.

Homemade Ice Cream Supplies

A pint or gallon of ice cream in a gift basket is likely to melt before it can be enjoyed, but you can include items to make homemade ice cream. You need a churning machine to make ice cream; such machines are available in manual and motorised versions. The machines bind the ingredients and freeze them, creating the creamy texture of ice cream. You can include an ice cream maker in the gift basket or just the ingredients needed for making the ice cream. Ice cream ingredients include sugar, eggs, cream and extras like fresh fruit, chocolate chunks, nuts, marshmallows, coffee and raisins.


Ice cream cones and waffle bowls come pre-made or you can bake your own. You can also fill the basket with the ingredients needed to make waffle cones, such as cinnamon, flour and vanilla extract. To make the cones or edible bowls more indulgent, dip the edges in melted chocolate. Purchase pre-made cones and chocolate chips for this project, repackaging the cones in cling film once the chocolate has hardened.

Toppings for Sundaes

Ice cream is even more delicious if accompanied by sundae toppings. Fill your ice cream basket with sauces, sprinkles, fruit and nuts. Popular sauce flavours for ice cream sundaes include chocolate, strawberry, pineapple, caramel and butterscotch. Fruit toppings are syrupy and sweet, so if you want the option of healthier sundaes, include a few pieces of fresh fruit. Whipped cream is another popular sundae topping, but it needs to be chilled, so only include it in your basket if the recipient has the ability to refrigerate the items quickly.

Dishes for Sundaes and Banana Splits

Sundaes are usually served in special bowls designed to accommodate the ice cream and toppings. Banana splits, a type of sundae featuring three scoops of ice cream sitting between banana halves, are served in long bowls so the bananas can be placed lengthwise. Though these dishes and bowls are not necessary for enjoying a sundae, they make the experience more authentic, duplicating the way ice cream is served in ice cream shops.

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