DIY Wicca Crafts

Written by julia drake
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DIY Wicca Crafts
Use gourds to make spirit rattles for Samhain. (Jupiterimages/Creatas/Getty Images)

Wicca, also known as "The Craft," is an earth-based pagan religion and a form of contemporary witchcraft. Wiccans perform spells and rituals to celebrate the seasons, connect with the divine and affect positive change in their lives. If you are a Wiccan, you can make different types of crafts to incorporate into your spells and rituals.


Wiccans can make their own wands to use in ritual. Take a walk outside in your local area to find a tree branch. Hazel, holly, ash, oak, rowan, birch, elm, hawthorn or willow are all possible trees with appropriate branches. A tree struck by lightning is considered potent and powerful because it has an electrical charge. After you find a tree, look for a branch on the ground or cut one from the tree that is about 12 to 18 inches in length. You may want to say a quiet prayer of thanks to the tree for allowing you to take the branch. When you are home, use a piece of string to tie a crystal to the top of the branch. Carve magical symbols on the branch with a knife.


You can use dolls, or magic poppets, for healing and good fortune spells. To make a poppet, purchase a fabric, such as cotton, from a craft store. Fold the cloth in half and draw an outline of a human figure on it. Cut out the outline so that you have two identical cloth figures. Sew the two pieces of cloth together, but leave open the top of the doll's head. After you sew the figure, turn it inside out and stuff the figure with herbs through the top of its head. Stuff the doll with herbs appropriate for your spell. For instance, if you are doing a healing spell, focus on the person you wish to heal. Stuff the doll with healing herbs such as sage and rosemary. Sew the top of the doll's head shut and give it to the person you are helping to heal.

Spirit Rattles

Samhain (Halloween) is a time when Wiccans honour their ancestors and the recently departed. To make a spirit rattle to use in ancestral rituals, purchase gourds from the store or from a local pumpkin patch. Place the gourds in a dry, airy space for a month or two to dry. After they are dried, you can shake the gourds to see if the seeds inside rattle. Paint the gourds with different coloured paints and add feathers to the gourds' handles. Another option is to cut the top off a dried gourd. Place dried beans into the gourd. Glue the gourd top back on to create a rattle.

Charm Bags

If you are seeking love, healing or protection, make a charm bag to carry on yourself to bring about your desired request. Charm bags contain personally meaningful items. You can make your own charm bag by sewing together two pieces of fabric (such as cotton) to form a pouch, or you can purchase a small fabric bag from a craft store. Place four or five objects that are meaningful to you into the charm bag. If you want to attract love, you may want to include stones and herbs such as rose quartz and vervain. Wear or carry the charm bag on you until you get what you want.

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