How to Design a Headstone Template

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If a loved one has died recently and you are in charge of the funeral details, you will want to choose a headstone that reflects the person's memory, name, heritage and honour. Experiment with different styles, including stone finishes, engraved letters and epitaphs by using a free online headstone design site or by sketching your design on a blank headstone template.

Visit Headstones and Memorials, where you can design a headstone using the site's different features without paying for a headstone. This site gives you a good idea of the options available for headstones.

Select a size for your headstone, a stone finish, a font style and even a graphic such as flowers or praying hands. You can view the way the headstone will look by watching the headstone of the screen change as you add different features.

Type a short a message for the front of your headstone by utilising the text box provided.

Press "Control" and "P" on a Windows computer and "Command" and "P" on a Macintosh computer to print your headstone.

Open Microsoft Word.

Select a font style such as Times New Roman, Goudy or Helvetica (common headstone fonts) and type the name of the person.

Press "Enter" and type the date of birth and date of death.Press "Enter" and type a message such as "Rest in Peace" or "In Loving Memory."

Print your text and cut it out with scissors. Paste it on your blank headstone to get an idea of what yours may look like.

Visit the Granite State Grave Markers design site.

Press the button labelled "Create a Custom Cemetery Memorial."

Click a stone swatch from the left sidebar. Press the "Continue" button.

Select a design template from the ones provided on the left sidebar and press "Continue."

Select a line layout from the ones provided on the left sidebar and press "Continue."

Type the name of the deceased in the boxes provided and select the birth date and death date from the drop-down menus. Select a typeface from the drop-down menu. Press "Continue."

Press "Control" and "P" on a Windows computer or "Command" and "P" on a Macintosh computer to print your headstone template.

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