Good tattoos to represent a boyfriend & girlfriend

Written by rebekah richards | 13/05/2017

Getting a tattoo that symbolises your boyfriend or girlfriend is one way to show off your commitment. Although tattooing your partner's name is traditional, boyfriend/girlfriend tattoos can also include other words or images that symbolise your relationship. Tattoos last forever, so make sure you know exactly what you want before getting inked.

Names or Initials

Getting your partner's name or initials inked on your body is the most traditional girlfriend/boyfriend tattoo. You can choose from a variety of fonts and locations, depending on whether you want your tattoo to be visible to everyone or just to yourself and your partner. Initials are usually more subtle and understated than full names. However, this type of tattoo is also the least flexible, and is likely to cause regrets in the future.


You can also mark your relationship by getting a tattoo of a significant date, such as your anniversary. Date tattoos are less flashy than tattoos of names. And although you won't ever forget the significance of the date, your friends or acquaintances won't have to know the meaning of your tattoo unless you tell them. However, dates can be misinterpreted; for example, "3-11" can be interpreted as a symbol for the Ku Klux Klan.


If you want a tattoo for your boyfriend or girlfriend, consider getting a tattoo of a meaningful quotation, such as your favourite Bible verse, a line from your favourite poem or a lyric from yours and your partner's song. Quotations can be deeply meaningful, but also versatile; if you and your partner break up, you can still enjoy the quotation, and future partners are unlikely to be offended by it.


Consider selecting an image to represent your relationship, such as a heart or something symbolic in your relationship. For example, if you went to the same college, you could get your college mascot; if your first date was at the zoo, you could get an animal. Like quotation tattoos, image tattoos are more flexible than names or initials. You can also combine an image with another element, such as a name or date.


Think about whether you really want a permanent tattoo symbolising your partner before getting inked. If your relationship ends, you will probably regret your tattoo. Tattoo removal is painful, takes several sessions and costs thousands of dollars. In addition, think twice before getting a tattoo in a location you can't easily cover up, such as your hand or neck. Finally, remember that tattoos will become distorted as skin stretches or changes.

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