Masquerade ball birthday ideas

Updated March 13, 2018

A masquerade ball is an appealing birthday party theme for both adults and children. In addition to the guests dressing up in costumes and masks, the party decor and activities help create a festive atmosphere. This birthday party theme uses mystery and flashy elements to create an unforgettable birthday party experience.


The masks associated with a masquerade ball can inspire simple, homemade invitations. Use either actual masks or cut out the mask shape from card stock to create the base of the invitations. If you choose to use an actual mask, look at a party supply store for a bulk package of the half masks typically used at a masquerade ball. Using an actual mask works best if you are hand delivering the party announcements, or add padding to the mailing envelope. Add glitter, feathers and other decorations to the mask, whether you use a real one or paper. Write the information about the party on the mask before delivering it.

Dress Code

Dressing up for the ball adds to the excitement, but guests may need some guidance on what to wear. The formality level is up to you. For an adult party, you may choose to go black tie with suits or tuxedos for the men and gowns for the women.

A more casual approach is also an option. Leave the actual dress decision to the guests, but request that each guest wears a mask to the party. Another option that works for either adults or kids is to ask guests to dress up like jesters, queens, kings and similar figures that you might see at Mardi Gras. Whatever you decide for the dress code, include it on the invitation so that guests know what to wear.


Rich colours like deep purple, green and gold work well for a masquerade ball. You can also add touches of black. Incorporate the colours through the tableware and decorations. Balloons, streamers, strands of beads, tulle, fabric and candles are suitable options. Large masks cut from cardboard and painted work well for wall decorations. Add ribbon, feathers and glitter to the masks for extra decoration. If you hold the masquerade ball somewhere other than your home, check on decoration restrictions before you buy the necessary materials.


Dancing is a natural option at a masquerade ball. Hire a DJ or assign one person the role of playing the music. You might also throw in a few line dances or other songs with specific dance steps to add to the entertainment.

If the guests don't wear their own masks to the ball, set up a mask-decorating station. Each person gets to customise her mask with craft supplies at the station. A magician or fortune teller can also provide entertainment at the party.

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