Medieval parties for kids

Updated April 17, 2017

A medieval theme party is sure to be a hit with boys and girls of all ages. Whether they are a knight, a princess, or a dragon, kids can have a great time at a medieval event. Activities can be varied to appeal to younger or older children. Costumes are also a great idea for this theme and are easy to make.


Printing invitations at home is easier than ever, and with royal fonts available, such as Lucida Calligraphy, you can print and send a royal decree from your own computer. For a fun spin, print the invitation on parchment paper, roll into a tube tied with a red ribbon, and mail in a cardboard tube mailer. You can also mail flat invitations on paper with a scroll design printed on the page. Be sure the make the language fit the event. Invite all knights and princesses to the royal birthday of your squire or princess. "By royal decree, your presence is requested..." is a great way to start.


Start giving your guests the royal treatment the moment they step out of their carriage or their mother's car. Red plastic tablecloths make a great red carpet to the front steps. Large cardboard boxes can be decorated with paint and construction paper to look like castle turrets at your front steps and inside the house. A stone wall backdrop can make a great photo booth background for keepsake photos to include in the thank you notes. A plywood drawbridge at the beginning of the walkway is sure to be an impressive entrance!

Food, Drinks, and Favors

Encourage kids to dress in costumes or provide them. Give each knight a cardboard sword and blank shield as he enters the door. Princesses can wear a cone hat with tulle attached to the tip. Dragons can wear green clothes and a scary mask. Serve finger friendly food with medieval theme. Chicken drumsticks can make excellent mini "leg-o-mutton." Decorate plastic goblets with jewels for the royal punch. Send each guest home with a treasure bag of gold -- foil wrapped candies and chocolate coins.


Knights and dragons can decorate their own swords, shields, and face masks. A game of "pin the tail on the noble steed" or "pin the sword on the dragon" will entertain kids of all ages. A hired "court jester" can provide entertainment, but he must be able to juggle! A skilled storyteller can present the tale of Robin Hood or King Arthur. A dragon piƱata to slay will definitely put a smile on partygoers' faces.

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