Unique superhero costume ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Superheroes are a simple do-it-yourself costume idea for individuals or groups. From Aquaman's tights to Zorro's cape, superheroes are known for their flashy costumes. However, buying a superhero costume from a shop is often a costly endeavour and making an accurate costume at home takes time and skill. Dressing up as your own unique superhero instead allows you the ability to create a costume without needing a large budget or sewing skills.

Creating Your Alter Ego

Before creating a unique superhero costume consider the type of hero you want to dress as. You don't have to craft an entire origin story for your hero, but you should at least know a few basic facts so that you can dress accordingly. For example, a superhero based around the concept of fire would need warm coloured fabrics while an animal based superhero might use faux fur and animal print fabric. If you don't want to go through the hassle of creating a hero identity, just name the superhero after yourself and wear your favourite colours.

The Basics

Most superheroes have a form fitting outfit, so look for spandex body suits, athletic gear, dance wear, scuba suit or thermal underwear. Stick to only two or three colours and piece together a suit by wearing a matching top and leggings with boots, gloves and a belt in complimentary colours. Female superheroes often wear skirts with a pair of leggings underneath. A cape is optional, but is one of the defining features of a superhero. Create a cape by typing a sheet or colourful fabric around your neck.

Superhero Accessories

Jazz up your superhero costume with a few well placed accessories. Add a mask to protect your secret identity or go for a more contemporary look by using a colourful wig or a pair of goggles. Create designs out of reflective tape to add details to your hero costume, such an emblem on your chest or piping down the arms of the costume. You superhero may fight using a special weapon, wield a magical item or wear protective armour, all of which you can buy from a costume shop or build out of household items.

Thinking Outside the Box

The best part about creating a superhero costume is expressing your creativity, so do not feel constricted to using only traditional hero ideas. Some superheroes are monstrous looking, like the Hulk, so consider costume make-up or a rubber mask for a different type of hero. Superhero costumes can allow you to express your sense of humour so don't be afraid to take a kitchen sink approach and add elements from other costumes or other household goods. For example, wear a clown outfit with a cape and mask to be Super Funny or wear a tool belt and hard hat to be Construction Man.

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