Miniature Dress Form Crafts

Updated July 19, 2017

Dress forms give seamstresses a human-like form to sculpt fabric into a garment. Miniature dress forms can be used in fashion design, but also make interesting craft items. Use dress forms to create a number of crafts from jewellery stands to party centrepieces.

Dress Form Jewelry Stand

Create a jewellery stand to resemble a miniature dress form. Use the torso of an 11-1/2-inch fashion doll as the base of the jewellery stand. Remove the head, arms and legs from the doll. Use papier mache to cover the doll's body. Attach a dowel stick to the bottom of the doll (where the legs were) using the papier mache material to help secure it. Stick the dowel stick into a candle holder or other narrow vessel. Cut a length of wire coat hanger and push though the form where the arms were located. Paint the torso and wire or cover with fabric and ribbon. Use this miniature dress form as a jewellery stand. Alternately, buy a miniature dress form at a craft store and use satin ribbon and silk flowers to embellish it and use it to display necklaces or bracelets.

Dress Form Pin Cushion

Make a pin cushion in the shape of a dress form. Use a fashion doll for the base. Remove the arms, legs and head. Cover the entire torso with duct tape. Once the form has been made, cut the duct tape up the back and remove it from the doll. Use cotton batting to fill the duct tape form and seal it with duct tape. Cover the duct tape with a pliable fabric. Use glue to attach the fabric to the duct tape. You can now use this dress form as a pin cushion.

Dress Form Centerpiece

Use a dress form centrepiece at a fashion or Victorian themed party. Buy a miniature dress form at a craft store and use ribbon, jewels, sequins and other craft items to decorate it with party colours. Set the dress form in the centre of the table and wrap a feather boa around the base of the form to add colour and make a dramatic effect. You may also want to elevate the dress form by wrapping a box in fabric or party coloured wrapping paper before setting the dress form on the centre of the table.

Dress Form Toy

Attach the torso (head, arms and legs removed) of a fashion doll to a dowel stick to create a doll dress clothes form. Stick the opposite end of the dowel into a ball of clay to prevent it from tipping over. Young seamstresses can use this form to design clothes for her doll or she can pretend that her fashion dolls are working at a retail clothes store and this dress form suddenly becomes a mannequin for displaying tiny fashions.

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