Ancient Greek Art Projects to Make

Written by tasos vossos | 13/05/2017
Ancient Greek Art Projects to Make
You can make a model of the Parthenon for your ancient Greek art project. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

For professional and amateur artists alike, ancient Greece is a theme providing many opportunities for creative projects. Either by imitating the art trends of the era or by focusing on the rich Greek mythology, you can undertake an art project that stands out from the crowd -- for instance, painting ancient Greek themes, recreating the country's ancient architecture in smaller scale and even making ancient Greek ballots.

Greek Vase

Ancient Greeks painted the surface of vases to depict aspects of their everyday life as well as historical and mythical events. Unless you can create your own vase out of clay, use a terracotta plant pot for this project. Sketch your design with a pencil before using black acrylic paint to fill it in. Similar to ancient Greeks, you can choose to draw personal achievements, such as receiving a diploma or moments from your daily life.

Soldier's Shield

Ancient Greek soldiers, called hoplites (bearing arms), always marched to battle equipped with a shield. The shield's shape was usually circular with distinct patterns or markings, depending on the city-state for which the soldier fought. Cut out a circular shield from a piece of thick cardboard. Ensure the shield's diameter is no less than 25 inches. Put two semicircular strips of paper a few inches apart near the centre of the shield's back, to put your arm through. The pattern is your choice; ancient Greek symbols, such as the meandros (Greek key) or Greek letters can give your shield a genuine look.

Parthenon Replica

The Parthenon is a prominent feature of the Acropolis in Athens and a notable example of ancient Greek architecture. Use thin white cardboard for this project, because you need to bend it to create the columns of the structure. For the pediments, cut out two isosceles triangles with a long base and attach them on the narrow sides' columns. Attach a large folded piece of cardboard on the pediments to add the ceiling and complete the structure.

Ancient Greek Ballots

Ancient Greece -- Athens in particular -- is the birthplace of democracy. Athenian citizens had the right to vote for important issues at the agora and on certain occasions, such as the so-called ostracism (banishment), they used pottery shards as ballots. You can make an ancient Greek ballot by breaking a terracotta pot and painting a randomly-shaped piece with black acrylic paint. Use a potter's needle to carve a name on it -- yours, a friend's, a contemporary presidential candidate's or even try to write a name in Greek.

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