Hilti Laser Tools

Updated July 20, 2017

Founded in a garage in Lichtenstein during World War II, Hilti Corporation opened its doors to provide tool manufacturing and design for European markets. Beginning with an ingenious pneumatic nail driving system, Hilti grew into a leading manufacturer of drilling, anchoring and sawing tools. Continuing with its tradition of innovation, Hilti also has developed a wide array of laser measurement tools for the professional construction industry.

Range Meters

The PD 4, PD 40 and PD 42 laser range meters offer fast and accurate measurements for distances and areas utilising laser wavelength technology. By recording the lightwave reflections off a surface within the laser beam, distances can be calculated in less than three seconds. Each tool is battery powered, with the PD 40 featuring 1mm accuracy up to 200 meters, and the PD 42 offering memory and an integrated optical sight.

Rotating Lasers

By rotating a projected laser beam at high speeds, these measurement tools can throw a perfect horizontal line across an entire room or workspace, offering plumb lines to keep drop ceilings aligned. Many of HIlti's models include auto level correction and grade rotation, allowing slopes to be projected for flooring and decking jobs. Hilti's line of rotating lasers includes the PR 35, PRE 3, PR 25, PR 26, PR 20, PRI 2, PR 28 and PRE 38.

Multi-directional Lasers

Hilti's PMC 46, PMC 36, PML 32 and PMP 34 offer level single laser beam projection in multiple directions. These beams allow the tool simultaneously to level, align, plumb and square from one location. Utilising interior pendulums, these multidirectional levels set themselves, and provide an automatic and true level. Each is battery powered, and offers pendulum locks and multiple laser modes.

Pipe Lasers

The PP 10, PP 11 and PP 25 pipe lasers offer bright lasers visible in daylight to keep long pipe runs in a straight line. Each model has automatic levelling, extended-hour battery power and programmable gradient options. All three lasers can be placed on the ground or inside of standard piping.

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