How to adjust a Renault Clio headlight

Antoine Antoniol/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The Renault Clio is a popular small car, and has had three generations with a fourth due in 2012. It was launched in 1990 and the original models had rectangular headlights, from 1998 the headlights had more rounded corners and in 2001 the headlights were made more angular.

They all can be adjusted in the same way and adjustment is important so the driver can see clearly and badly adjusted headlights do not blind oncoming drivers.

Park your Renault Clio on a flat surface facing a wall or garage door with enough room to walk in front of it. Measure from the ground to the centre of the headlight and put a chalk mark on the wall at this level straight in front of each headlight.

Draw a straight line horizontally between these two marks. Stand the broom against the wall opposite the centre of the car, so that you know where the midpoint is.

Reverse the car straight back until the headlights are 7.6 metres (25 feet) away from the wall and turn the headlights on full beam. The brightest point of the beam should be about 5 cm (2 inches) below the horizontal line and should not be pointing outward from the car. If the headlights are pointing towards the ground too much, use the headlight adjuster switch on the dashboard and adjust the level from "4" towards "0" to bring them up. If they are still too low with the setting on zero you will have to manually adjust them.

Locate the adjustment screws – there is a cross-member above the radiator and headlamps with a hole above each headlight and you will see the screws below these. Turn the screws to raise or lower the headlight beam until it is shining at the correct area. There are also adjustments to move the light beam left or right.