Difference Between Callaway Diablo Edge & Callaway X-22 Irons

Updated July 19, 2017

The Diablo Edge and X-22 sets of golf clubs are both made by Callaway as upper-tier options for golfers looking for irons. The X-22 irons employ Precision Notch weighting to ensure a better feeling when the club hits the ball. The Diablo Edge irons have a lower centre of gravity so you can still hit the ball well if you strike it lower on the head. The loft and bounce are different for both sets of clubs. Bounce represents the angle from the sole of the club to the ball's resting spot.

X-22 Loft

The three iron loft is 21 degrees and the four iron loft is 24 degrees. The five iron's loft is 27 degrees and the six iron's loft is 30 degrees. Loft is 33 degrees for the seven iron and 37 degrees for the eight iron. The X-22 nine iron has a loft of 41 degrees, while the pitching wedge has 45 degrees of loft. The sand wedge loft is 56 degrees. A-wedge loft is 51 degrees and L-wedge loft is 60 degrees.

Diablo Edge Loft

The Diablo Edge clubs have less loft than the X-22 irons. Loft is 19 degrees for the three iron and 22 degrees for the four iron. The five iron loft is 25 degrees and the six iron loft is 28 degrees. The seven iron loft is 32 degrees and eight iron loft is 36 degrees. The nine iron has a loft of 40 degrees and the pitching wedge loft is 44 degrees. The A-wedge has 49 degrees of loft and the L-wedge has 59 degrees of loft. Loft is 54 degrees for the sand wedge.

X-22 Bounce

Three iron bounce is 1.0 degree, four iron bounce is 1.5 degrees and five iron bounce is 2.0 degrees. Bounce is -16.4 degrees Cor the six iron and -16.1 degrees Cor the seven iron. Eight iron bounce is 4.0 degrees and nine iron bounce is 5.0 degrees. The bounce for the pitching wedge is 7.0 degrees, while sand wedge bounce is 15.0 degrees. The L-wedge has a bounce of 11.0 degrees and the A-wedge bounce is 11.0 degrees.

Diablo Edge Bounce

Bounce is 1.0 for the three, four and five irons. Six iron bounce is 2.0, while seven iron bounce is 3.0. Eight iron bounce is 5.0 and nine iron bounce is 7.0. The pitching wedge has 11.0 bounce and the sand wedge bounce is 17.0, the most for either set. A-wedge bounce is 12.0 and L-wedge bounce is 15.0.

Other Differences

The X-22 irons have either a uniflex steel or graphite shaft, while the Diablo Edge irons have either a graphite or True Temper M10 steel shaft. The X-22 irons have a thicker shaft and weigh more than the Diablo Edge irons.

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