Ideas for making banners for church

Written by kathryn rateliff barr | 13/05/2017
Ideas for making banners for church
Colourful banners using religious symbols make beautiful decorations for churches and temples. (Dynamic Graphics Group/Dynamic Graphics Group/Getty Images)

Some churches use religious banners to decorate their sanctuary and other worship spaces. Sunday school students make banners to hang in their Sunday school classrooms. These banners contain religious symbols and may include passages from the Bible and other biblical references. Church members may design and create their own banners or purchase banner kits from religious vendors.

Names of God

Members can create a single banner with biblical names for God, such as El Shaddai, Elohim and Yahweh. They also can make banners to line the walls with more than 100 names for God. Place all the names for God that begin with Jehovah on a single banner or group of banners. Use bright colours for the backgrounds and letters in gold or silver. Add gold or silver tassels to the hangers, matching the colour of the banner letters.

Liturgical Banners

Use liturgical colours and symbols to create seasonal church banners. For example, use a purple background during Lent with a symbol of the Passover lamb with a cross. If you want banners that are reversible to better use your resources, purple also represents Advent, and a manger with a star would work well for that season. A small collection of banners in six colours would allow a congregation to have a banner for each season in the liturgical calendar. Several church banner companies have ready-made liturgical banners and banner kits.

Church Group Banners

If a church has a logo, a banner with the logo and church colours could identify the church for a variety of events such as youth rallies and church conventions. Church groups can create a banner specific for the group. For example, a women's prayer group banner might depict a praying woman with a Scripture reference for Proverbs 31. The banner for a Sunday school class could show an open Bible with II Timothy 3:15 embroidered on the pages of the Bible.

Miscellaneous Religious Banners

Colourful banners contain favourite Bible passages such as The Lord's Prayer, 23rd Psalm ("The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want....") and Joshua 24:14 ("Now therefore fear the Lord, and serve him in sincerity and in faithfulness....). The size of the banner determines how large the passage can be and still be easily read at a distance. Illustrations add colour and variety to the banner but make using long passages impractical. Christian symbols such as a cross, a dove, a rainbow or a Bible work well on banners. Banners using these symbols do not require words and can be used any time of the year. Other appropriate symbols for use throughout the year include the trinity symbol, a butterfly or cross and crown.

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