Signs to tell if you are falling in love

Updated February 21, 2017

Falling in love is often rated as one of the greatest joys we experience in life. It has been likened to an unsolvable mystery, and it is a concept people find difficult to explain. Some people fall in love suddenly after a few dates as they get to know the person; unfamiliar feelings creep up and take them by surprise. For some people, falling in love is instant and what is commonly referred to as "love at first sight." There is a third category of people who take time to get to know the other person, become very good friends and then move the level intensity of the relationship up a few levels to introduce love into the equation.

Thinking Constantly About the Person

One of the signs of falling in love is when people constantly find their thoughts straying to a special person all through the day, every day. Even if the person is not doing anything to lead to these thoughts, they come out of nowhere. For example, when at work and concentrating deeply on a work-related matter, thoughts of the person begin to intrude, the mind wanders away from the job at hand of its own accord.

Butterflies in the Stomach

Old fashioned terminology for signs of falling in love includes butterflies in the stomach and a fluttering heart. This happens when the person being thought of constantly appears in person or calls on the phone to talk. Some other signs that let people know they are falling in love include sweating palms, feeling jittery, enhanced sense of excitement and anticipation at seeing the person and a dry mouth. Not very attractive signs, but they serve to let people know that love has come knocking.

All the Conversations Revolve Around the Person

People know they are in love when they find themselves talking constantly about that special person. When the person's name comes up in every single conversation with friends and family, it is a definite sign of falling in love. It is love that causes people to talk about someone all the time and to find ways to bring the person into their conversations. Feeling the urge to talk about the person stems from the fact that one's thoughts are constantly revolving around that person. Everything that person says or does becomes special and needs to be mentioned.

Staying Available

Cancelling all other engagements to be with one special person is an indicator that the person is falling in love. When all else pales in comparison to the importance of being with that person, it has to be love. Suddenly, movies with friends, coffees, lunches, drinks in the pub after work all seem totally irrelevant and meaningless.

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