Engraving message ideas

Updated March 23, 2017

Engraving a message on an item is a way for you to express a thought or feeling you have about someone or something. Engraved messages are often seen on jewellery, plaques and wood carvings, among other things. If you need ideas for a message to engrave, think about who the message is intended for to help you make a decision.


Engraving an inspirational message on an object gives you a chance to write something that may be encouraging and uplifting to the person receiving the gift. An engraved message such as "Spread Your Wings and Fly" or a bible verse may have a positive impact on someone every time they read it. An inspirational message can be engraved on something a parent gives to her child to encourage her to do her best, to a religious person who enjoys bible scriptures or even to a person who has been promoted and is moving on to a different phase in his working career.


A romantic message is sometimes used for engraving. Couples often engrave romantic messages on items they give to their partners. Gifts given on Valentine's Day or in celebration of an anniversary often have messages of love and romance engraved on them. Often on a gift of jewellery such as a ring, bracelet or pendant, couples engrave messages such as "Our Love Will Last Forever," " I'll Always Love You" or the date they started dating with their names.


A humorous message can be engraved on a gift given to a person who is known for having a sense of humour or someone who enjoys laughing or making others laugh. This could be a family member, friend or a co-worker. If the person you're engraving for has a favourite joke he likes to tell, this could be incorporated into the engraved message.


Quotes can be used for engraving messages. You can find a quote suitable for any situation by turning to the help of books filled with quotations as well as the Internet. Depending on what your engraving is for, there are quotes for marriage, business, faith, fitness, sports, parenting and death, among other topics. Quotes from athletes, celebrities, politicians, clergymen, children, historians and anonymous people have all been recorded.

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