1950s Hair Products

Updated April 17, 2017

The 1950s is a fun period to look at when it comes to fashion. The hairstyles and make-up used during this decade have changed a lot, but some also remained the same. While many of the products used during the '50s still are available and used, they have changed to meet the styles of today.


Hairspray was a popular product in the 1950s. Almost all women would cover their hair and cement their hairstyles with the product. The hairstyles were meant to be held in place and the aerosol did this perfectly. The amount of hairspray that was used was so large that there even were songs and a Broadway musical created around it.


Curlers were in wide use in the 1950s. Women chose between hot rollers and Velcro-based curlers. Hot rollers were warmed up and used in the same way as a curling iron. They set hair quickly and the hold was strong. Velcro curlers were left in overnight so that when women woke up and dressed, they could remove the curlers and still have a head full of curls.


Perms, home perms in particular, were a big thing in the 1950s. Buying a box perm was popular because women sought perfect curly hair. Women could have gone to the salon to get a permanent professionally done, but buying the solution in a box made the styles cheaper and more convenient to obtain.


Commercial shampoos were all the rage in the 1950s. While shampoo was used before the decade, the product started blossoming and brands came into their own during this time. A huge range of shampoos with different uses and purposes were coming out and people were trying new ones with different claims.

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