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Updated April 17, 2017

Engagement parties are increasingly becoming an integral part of the marriage process. It is an opportunity for a relaxed celebration allowing two families, whose children will marry, to get to know each other better. For an event such as this, special attention is put into the menu and decor. The star of the event, besides the betrothed couple, is the cake that holds a place in their honour at another table.

Forget a Cake, Opt for Cupcakes

There is no law of etiquette or otherwise that says an engagement party has to have a cake. Cupcakes can be an inexpensive, but equally delicious, alternative. They can be made at home, or by a bakery and be decorated in the colour theme that has been chosen for the wedding. Another idea is a chocolate cupcake with its top decorated as if it were a tux. The bride's cupcakes can be white cake with white frosting that looks like pearls with pearlised sugar shaken over the top. These are a fine alternative to a large cake and are well received by guests.

Swiss rolls for Two

Another non-traditional engagement party cake is a Swiss roll that is frosted with white or cream coloured icing and has edible jewels on it, representing the bride. The groom's Swiss roll can be made from chocolate with white cream filling and frosted in black and white representing the tuxedo. They can be laid side by side on a platter with fresh flowers placed around them. The final touch can be faux gold rings, purchased from a craft store, placed on top. The significance will not be missed, but the creativity will astound.

Traditional Mini-Wedding Cake

If one insists on tradition, a common engagement cake is a miniature wedding cake. It is usually two layers, representing the two people getting married, and decorated in the theme of the wedding, for example, teal frosting with pink roses and cream coloured borders. It can simply have the potential bride and groom's name on it with some sentiment. Unless there is a cake master in the family, a cake such as this would need to be made at a bakery.

Double Heart Cake

Another traditional cake for an engagement party is a cake that is in the shape of two hearts, one heart for each member of the couple. This could be made at home using a double heart cake pan, but for it to look the best, the couple may want to allow the bakery to make the decorations. It is part of an important event, so it should be the best it can be.

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