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Updated April 17, 2017

Treasure hunting is a favourite pastime for many people. Treasure hunters use metal detectors to hunt for valuable metal objects hidden beneath the surface of the ground. Cost, features, performance and accessories are all factors in determining which metal detector is best. It may also depend on the treasure hunter's needs.

Treasure Hunter XJ9-3050

According to"Metal Detector Town," the best metal detector as of 2011 was the Treasure Hunter XJ9-3050 with the Hobbyist Pro Pack. "Metal Detector Town" rated this model its "Best Buy" metal detector. That's because this metal detector includes six different operating modes, pinpoint mode, auto-notch mode, deep search surface elimination mode, target depth readout and a deep 12-inch depth max for a U.S. quarter. The XJ9-3050 also sports multifrequency technology, a five-year warranty and one of the best metal detector microprocessors, a 32-bit Z-TEX system. Its MSRP is £279, as of 2011.

Minelab X-Terra 705

The Minelab X-Terra 705 features eight different operation modes. It also features an auto ground balance system, a pinpoint mode, auto notch mode and a target depth readout. The maximum depth for this metal detector is 10 inches for a U.S. quarter. The X-Terra 705 features three different frequencies, a 32-bit metal detector computer processor and a two-year warranty. However, the X-Terra 705 has a higher price tag than the XJ9-3050. The X-Terra 705's MSRP is £454.3, as of 2011.

Garrett Ace 250

"Metal Detector Reviews" recommends the Garrett Ace 250 as one of the top beginner metal detectors on the market. This metal detector features two operation modes, as well as auto ground balance, pinpoint mode, auto notch mode and a target depth readout. However, it does not feature a manual ground balance option, a selectable notch mode or a deep search surface elimination mode. Also, the Ace 250 only features a 16-bit computer processor. Nevertheless, the MSRP of £161, as of 2011, makes this a great beginner metal detector.

White's DFX

The DFX is a top-end metal detector. Its nine operation modes make it one of the most versatile metal detectors on the market. It sports a range of features, as well as a 12-inch max depth for a U.S. quarter. It also features multifrequency technology with two different frequencies. It has a two-year warranty and a 32-bit metal detector microprocessor. However, the DFX has a high price tag, with an MSRP of £779.9 as of 2011.

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