Gifts for 17 year-old girls

Updated April 17, 2017

While teenagers may seem a fickle bunch, there are many gifts well suited for any 17-year-old girl. Most girls are juniors or seniors in high school by 17, and some may even be getting ready for college. They key to finding the right gift, besides knowing the girl's likes and dislikes, is to find a present that has both teen and adult appeal. Hitting both marks means you take care of both the teen and adult needs during this transitional age.


Regardless of whether it's a gift token or actual cosmetic, most teen girls love new beauty products. However, cosmetics and beauty products are personal. Foundation, blush and lipstick need to be tested before purchased, so stick with gift tokens for these items. Nail polish, eye shadow and eyeliner are more forgiving, making them suitable as actual gifts.

Spa Products

Every girl enjoys pampering herself, regardless of whether she is 17 or 71 years old. Give a single quality product, such as a fancy manicure kit or foot spa, if you want to keep to cost reasonable. Go all out with a spa gift basket if you don't mind spending a bundle. Fill the basket with bath salts, bath beads, bubble baths, bath oils, body scrubs, facial masks and fancy lotions.

Hair Accessories

Even a 17-year-old girl with short hair can appreciate a gift of fun hair accessories. Give a set of beaded barrettes, magnetic hair jewels or a patterned headband to a teen with short or long hair. Give fancy clips, beaded scrunchies or carved hair sticks to a teen with long hair. Purchase temporary spray-on hair colour for any teen girl that likes colourful streaks in her hair.


It's hard to go wrong when you give a 17-year-old girl a gift of jewellery. First, scan what she has and what she wears to get down a basic idea of what she likes, and then you're ready to shop. Give costume jewellery sets, such as a funky glass necklace with matching earrings and bracelet, if you're on a budget. If money is no problem, present a piece of quality jewellery she can wear when dressing up, such as a pearl flower pendant on a gold chain.


These days everyone -- 17-year-old teen or not -- loves electronics. If you know the teen well enough to know what electronics she needs, you can give a specific item, such as a new controller for her video game system or memory stick for her computer. Give a new digital camera, cell phone or MP3 player if you don't mind spending big money. If you're not sure about specifics, grab a gift token from a big name electronics store.

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