Uses for old fur coats

Updated March 23, 2017

As fur coats get old, you tend to wear them less often, either because the style has gone out of fashion or because they are worn out. You can sell an unwanted coat if it is in relatively good condition, provided it is not made from endangered species such as sea otter, old leopard and monkeys. Dealing in such fur coats is illegal even if they are old and used. Other options for an old coat is to restyle it, use it to make furnishings and accessories, or donate it to a wildlife organisation.

Alter the Coat

You can have your old fur coat altered at the sleeves or hemline, or sheared. You can taper the sleeves, raise or lower the coat's armholes, and even make a walking coat out of a full length fur coat. Even simple modifications such as replacing the linings or changing the positions of buttons, zippers, or rings can give your old fur coat a whole new look. If the coat is too worn out to be restyled as a whole, you can use the portions that are good to create elegant-looking collars and cuffs for a wool or cashmere coat.

Create Furnishings

Used fur coats can be made into furnishings for your home. Although you can try making scarves, headbands, or small bags yourself, it is important to remember that working with fur requires a lot of skill. To avoid damaging your precious fur, take it to a leather repair shop or a fur repair shop. Expert furriers can work magic with your old coat, converting it into bed throws, blankets or fur pillows, depending on the size of the starting material.


The Humane Society of the United States runs "Coats for Cubs," a program to help sick, injured or orphaned animals. Fur coats you donate to this venture go to rehabilitation centres set up for wildlife such as squirrels, raccoons, coyotes, and chipmunks. The coat makes for a warm bed or nest, serving as a substitute for a furry mother. Donors receive a receipt for use as a charitable donation deduction on your federal income tax return.


If the fur coat is not very old, but you have grown tired of it, you can try selling it to a fur company. The amount you receive will be a fraction of what you paid for it because fur coats depreciate very quickly. Most fur companies base their price on the type and colour of fur, the size, style and condition of the coat. Another option is to sell your coat directly to an interested buyer on online classifieds sites such as eBay and Craigslist.

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