The best men's fragrances that women like

Written by lisa evans | 13/05/2017
The best men's fragrances that women like
One or two sprays of a nice scent is all you need to capture a woman's attention. (Comstock Images/Comstock/Getty Images)

Women like men who smell good. A nice smelling cologne can grab a woman's attention and generate a powerful, long-lasting memory. She may even be compelled to ask what you are wearing and pay you a compliment on your scent. Be careful not to pour it on too strong, though. Too much of even a nice scent can drive a woman away.

A Chemistry Lesson

When using cologne, remember to do your research. A proper fragrance should enhance your body's own natural scent. Each individual has a natural scent that may or may not mix well with certain colognes. A cologne that smells sweet and sexy on one man may be too overpowering for another. If you smoke or eat spicy foods, your body's natural chemistry will be altered and the fragrance will express itself differently.

Test the Fragrance

You should always give each fragrance a test run on your skin to make sure it combines well with your natural body odour before you purchase it. Apply a small amount to your neck, wrist or behind the ears and wait a couple of hours. If you still like the scent after two or three hours, it's a keeper.

Less is More

While a good cologne can improve your chance of attracting a woman's attention, it's important to remember not to overdo it. A dab of cologne on the neck or behind the ears, on your chest and wrists is sufficient. Bathing yourself in cologne can create an overpowering scent and can turn women off.

Everyday Scents

Determining which cologne is best for you will depend on the kind of scent you want. If you're looking for a fresh, clean scent that you can wear anytime and anywhere, try Lacoste's Essential or Calvin Klein's Eternity. If you're looking for a woodsy, masculine scent that isn't too overpowering, try the orange-based cologne Artisan by John Varvotos or Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme. For an ultramodern, sweet scent, try Christian Dior's Homme. This cologne has a sweet, powdery scent that is sophisticated and elegant. For a classic scent that never goes out of style, try Ralph Lauren's Polo, and Dolce & Gabbana's por Homme. Por Homme received three awards at the Academic de Profumo when it was first launched in 1994. Its subtle, masculine smell is infused with musk and tobacco, making it woodsy but fresh. But, this cologne is best used in the evening as it may be too strong for the office.

Evening Colognes

Evening colognes have a distinctively strong sexy, masculine scent. These scents are best not worn during the work day as they tend to be quite powerful. For a night out on the town, try Calvin Klein's Obsession or Cartier's Declaration.

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