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Updated April 17, 2017

Depending on your party plans and printer capabilities, you can print out and tape or string together banners that feature a variety of phrases and images. Whether you choose a traditional party banner that proclaims well wishes or a pennant banner with multiple fluttering colours and images, these free printable templates will add festivity to your special event.

Just the Letters

Print out templates that offer just the letters surrounded by decorative circles or squares. This form of printable banner is especially easy to read and avoids the taped-together seams of adjoined printer paper. Use the cut-out letters to spell anything from "Happy Birthday!" to "Just Married," "Congratulations!" or "Stork Crossing." Attach the individual letters to ribbon, crepe paper, string or bunting to hang. When printing individual letters to use in a banner, double check the spelling as you hang the letters to avoid embarrassing errors.

Just Black and White

From printable letter templates to full-length banners from taped printer paper, save ink by printing only black-and-white downloads, or printing colour downloads in black and white. Add colour to the party banner by allowing children to colour the letters or decorate it with glitter, or by cutting brightly hued paper to surround the letters or accent the banner. You can also add colour by hanging individual black-and-white letters from bright party streamers.

Just Take It All

If the office manager gives you full reign of the deluxe printer and tells you to plan an office party, go all out by printing colour party banner templates as well as accompanying clip art or cupcake flags. Printing the colour versions of banner templates can use a great deal of ink, so make sure you have extra cartridges: you don't want a banner that fades drastically. Colour banners are available to print both as one long phrase by overlapping pieces of paper, or as individual letters on brightly flourished backgrounds.

Themes & Characters

A popular alternative to party banners that feature phrases, artisan pennant banners are a chic way to celebrate. Resembling the breeze-driven banners at carnivals or fairs, these pennant banners use triangles of colour attached to string, ribbon, twine or strips of card stock jointed with metal fasteners. These printable pennant banners can be used along with printed letters, with the message spelt one letter and triangle at a time. They can also be printed with animals, symbols or characters on them as part of festive decoration without words. Whether you hang them en masse or use them to proclaim a message, pennant banners bring vintage charm to the celebration.

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